Everyone of us, during our lives, suffering from constant internal and external changes, that are, in fact, constant changes of our identity or endless process of dying and delivering of personal identity. In that way life becomes succession of continual dying.



Do we actually know each other and ourselves or we just know the image that we made about the others or us?



One can never choose people that have the largest impact on his identity (family, neighbors, colleagues etc) but he gets them just like some combination on Jackpot machine.


Miodrag Krkobabic



(Portrait of an unknown man with a beard”)


“Skin is deceptive. In life one only has one’s skin…but having and being are not the same. I never have the skin of what I am. I am never what I have”.


“La Robe”, Eugene Lemoine-Luccione





“I think of identity as being nomadic, multiple. We know only too well that identities pushed too far in one direction can be destructive. I consider myself able to move from one identity to another without any problem, to change and review these continually.”







JURY STATEMENT AT 22ND Memorial of Nadezda Petrovic in Cacak, 2002:


 The gallery Award at 22nd Memorial of Nadezda Petrovic is assigned to Miodrag Krkobabic for work “FAKE ID”

 “This work represents view at identity from two different perspective using form of fashion advertising in public space.  Behind artist are not standing just an art institutions but also a reality of public space that those billboards are standing in”.


Jury: Marina Grzinic Mauhler, Dejan Sretenovic, Danijela Puresevic, Julka Marinkovic




“Beneath this mask, another mask, I will never cease carrying all these faces”.


Claud Cahun



“I wanted to make something that ordinary people can understand, feel and interpret in their own way, without previous necessity to read book about it”.


Cindy Sherman