“Fake Identity” (bus shelter billboards, 2001)

JURY STATEMENT AT 22ND Memorial of Nadežda Petrović in Čačak, 2002:

- The gallery Award at 22nd Memorial of Nadežda Petrović is assigned to Miodrag Krkobabić for work “Fake Identity”
- This work represents view at identity from two different perspective using form of fashion advertising in public space.
- Behind artist are not standing just an art institutions but also a reality of public space that those billboards are standing in.

Jury: Marina Gržinić Mauhler, Dejan Sretenović, Danijela Purešević, Julka Marinković


I wanted to make something that ordinary people can understand, feel and interpret in their own way, without previous necessity to read book about it

Cindy Sherman