“Necrospection” , death certifications, work in progress, started 2000


In E. Grosz’s view, there is no opposition between the real, material body and its various cultural and historical representations. These representations and cultural inscriptions quite literally constitute bodies and help to produce them as such. Part of their own nature is an organic or ontological incompleteness or lack of finality, amenability to social completion, social ordering and organization. Considering all means by which the body may be manipulated, from dieting and bodybuilding to laser surgery and brain chemistry, none of us inhabit a purely natural body, and no one’s body is complete. That affects even more to human mind. Every one of us, as a social being, suffer from constant internal and external changes, that are, in fact, constant changes of our identity. That changes creates endless process of dying and delivering of identities. So, in that way, life becomes succession of continual dying. That is a fact that I am trying to point out with work “Necrospection”  (work in progress, started 2000).  It consists of death certifications, which are made for each year of my life, plus two more - first one, at the day of my birth, and last one dated at the future, on my birthday, without photos and with the question mark. Changeable data, beside year of “death”, are authentic photos (for each year) and mark that determine religious or ideology belonging.  It reflects identity changes.



“Skin is deceptive. In life one only has one’s skin…but having and being are not the same. I never have the skin of what I am. I am never what I have.”

“La Robe”, Eugene Lemoine-Luccione